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Home Improvement Contract Question?

Are you going through a remodel and are unsure what your contractor should be doing? Have a contract but unsure what the law requires that it should contain? or Want to familiarize yourself with the contractor terms before engaging a contractor? What is a mechanic's lien? What does it mean if the contractor threatens me with a mechanic's lien?

All of these questions at some point prior, during or after your home improvement are asked. The simple answer to all of them is check the Business and Profession Code Section 7150 et. seq. or visit the California State Licensing Board website:

You will find useful information about the contractors obligations, how to file a complaint, check the status of a contractor's license, and information about what to do when a mechanic's lien is filed.

You will find very useful information on the California State Licensing Board website that will help in understanding your and the contractor's obligations.

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