San Mateo County Superior Court Self-Help System

San Mateo County Superior Court launches an innovative way to self prepare and file your Small Claims Court, Divorce, Restraining Order, Custody, Conservatorship or Name Change. The system conducts an interview through questions and answers and prepares a filing system The system is part of the new Odyssey Guide & File System. This is a great opportunity for self-help matters to be addressed by the court without the need for a lawyer. As courts and lawyer continue to be impacted with cases and disputes, it is welcoming to see that our system is allowing self-help pro per's pursue their matters without the need of a lawyer-- more importantly to be their own self advocate. The following li

Easy Registration for Your LLC Comes to California

What does it take to form your single member limited liability company? Why is it important? Most recently states have undertaken the task of making the formation of LLC a priority in an effort to promote its fast paced business environment. For example the California Secretary of State now offers an On-Line Application to quickly and readily file your Articles of Organization with filing fees. These recent additions are helping business community organizers to quickly pursue the formation of their entity without the need of 3rd party websites. How easy is it? You ask. You can easily register your California limited liability company by clicking on the following link and following the appl

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